Crafting Vessels that Harmonize with the Cuisine

Creating Vessels with the Most Passionate Chefs of the Cuisine

Siro produces fully custom-made potteries for the culinary professionals.

The name “Siro" derives from the word “Kiji” or “foundation” in the pottery process. It is a basic state with no particular shape or color yet, which represents the infinite possibility of the clay "becoming anything".

Our goal is to beautifully harmonize the cuisine and the vessel. We believe that both professionals of cuisine and pottery must communicate more effectively with that goal in mind.

Siro’s vessels are created upon numerous dialogues that inspire the unique image of the perfect vessel. This is why Siro does not have a catalogue. There are no stocks or samples either. We invite you to join us in creating a special vessel from the foundation.

I will shape the image you have within you into a tangible pottery

Daisuke KiyomizuSiro Representative Director

He was born in Kyoto as a great-grandchild of the fifth generation Rokubei Kiyomizu Family, a renowned family of Potters. In 2011, he launched a brand called "Tokinoha" with a concept of pottery that embraces the everyday life. In 2015, he opened "HOTOKI" with shops, cafes and ceramics classes as a place for people to enjoy pottery more casually.

In 2019, he launched a brand "Siro" that approaches the creation of a new vessel through a dialogue between the chef and the potter.

Flow of Ordering to Delivery

1. Matching the Image

The chef and the potter share their beliefs and passion through dialogues. Production begins with a common image amongst the two.

2. Production of Prototypes

In some cases, the ideal images of the products are finalized by creating a prototype. (The cost for prototype production is required separately.)

3. Final Production and Delivery