I appreciate the idea of Siro since chefs have a strong desire for expression

Since the atmosphere and the service of a restaurant is an ultimate seasoning for the culinary experience, I cannot neglect these details. No matter how good the food may be, the experience will be ruined if the provided vessels or the services are not the best. I tell my staff to serve their assigned dish that they prepared to the customers in person as much as possible. I believe that it is imperative for the chefs to pay close attention while observing the reactions of the customers.

I think that the reason why a chef wants to have his own restaurant is because he has a strong desire to express himself. That is why I choose to be particular about the pottery that my creations are served on. As a chef, I am grateful for Siro’s idea of custom-made pottery that is created upon the dialogues between the chef and the potter to embody the image from within. I look forward to witnessing how Siro evolves in the future.

Italian cuisine full of refined Japanese elegance with local ingredients like Kyoto vegetables

After training professionally at renowned Italian restaurants like “Il Ghiottone” and “Yonemura,” the chef became independent in 2015. Customers can enjoy the fine Italian cuisine with plenty of Kyoto ingredients, surrounded by the warm atmosphere of the renovated “Kyoto Machiya-style” housing. The restaurant is always filled with joyful air, thanks to the friendly character of the laid-back owner. He says, "I want customers to just enjoy the food in front of them without thinking too hard about anything."


534-39 Ebisu-cho, Sanjo Agaru, Kawaramachi, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto City, Kyoto