Siro understands my concept for culinary art and shapes the pottery

Since my cuisine is carefully and particularly prepared, I can never compromise on a vessel. The first thing I requested was a “plate like a stage.” At first, my image of the plate was vague, however, as the idea of such plate was conveyed and then Siro helped me solidify the image of the plate. It was then that I realized that it is a great pleasure for the chefs to be able to consult the potters, every time they are creating a new menu.

Right now, I am consulting about a vessel for a new dish that I have not created yet. The imagination spreads far when planning about the vessel alongside with the dish. For example, I would not serve pasta on a flat, thin plate, but it is possible if I devise the sauce. I think it is wonderful if the ideas of a dish changes according to the vessel. I deeply sympathize with Siro’s concept of solidifying the main, center image using each other’s creative margins.

Creative Italian cuisine that values the environment of Japanese land and culture

The owner's goal is to provide an “Italian Restaurant in Japan.” Customers enjoy creative Italian cuisine made with selected domestic ingredients and local traditional ingredients. The restaurant has an open kitchen in the middle, surrounded by the counter seats. It is given that the food here is amazing. Additionally, all customers are entertained by great pottery, atmosphere and service.


B1F Kano Building, 590 Oike Daito-cho, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto City, Kyoto