Siro precisely expressed the images that I envisioned into tangible potteries

My specialty is Italian-based Western food, but I always carry my respect for Japanese cuisine. I have developed my own rules, such as not using soy sauce or miso basically. I enjoy challenging myself every day, creating dishes within my own framework. I also have many rules when choosing a vessel, yet I believe it is very important to pursue originality in the pottery according to the rules.

I had seen many pictures of Mr. Kiyomizu's vessels prior to working with him. His personality shone through his pottery. I got to know him better through actual conversations and I cultivated a sense of trust that he would respond to me if I communicated my feelings straightforward. When choosing a vessel, I go by my intuition whether I like it or not. I also try to see if I can come up with images of my culinary art on the vessel. I believe that Mr. Kiyomizu precisely expressed the images that I envisioned into a tangible pottery.

Enjoy a variety of creative dishes in a hideaway restaurant

The name of the restaurant derives from “void” in Italian, on in other word "no substance”. The name was chosen with the chef’s intention to be able to freely reveal new expressions without fitting the mold. The open kitchen with a great ambiance fosters a sense of being invited to the chef’s home. Customers can feel the owner’s commitment to hospitality. There is no menu, and all food is selected by the chef. The wine pairing with recommended cuisine is another reason to visit this amazing restaurant.


2-2-23 Utsubo Honmachi, Nishi-ku, Osaka City, Osaka