I sympathize with Siro’s vision, so I can trust and rely on them

When I first visited Siro's workshop, I remember that I deeply sympathized with the owner’s words, "I want to make a vessel that responds to the feelings of the person who uses it". It was around the time when I was trying to organize my principles on my culinary profession. It was also a time when I reached the idea that I should strive to create dishes for the recipient. Focusing on the recipient’s feelings rather than being self-centered may be a common important concept for both cooking and pottery making.

This red bowl is particularly memorable. The concept of my cooking is to use the fresh seasonal ingredients. The red color could not be attained from only the ingredients, especially during the winter. When I was shown this vessel, I was convinced that adding the impact of the red element would pleasantly draw the whole course together.

A quality space where you can enjoy the tastes of seasonal ingredients

"Erba" means the “grass” in Italian. The owner’s father is a chef at the renowned Kyoto Cuisine restaurant, the Michelin two-star "Sojiki Nakahigashi." The owner has a strong belief and appreciation for all living things. He uses all parts of the ingredients without waste. He has been trained in a number of famous restaurants in Italy, France and Japan. Customers enjoy colorful and creative Italian cuisine in a calm, relaxing atmosphere.

Erba da nakahigashi

B1F, 4-4-16 Nishiazabu, Minato-ku, Tokyo