A vessel that is simple and yet, it brings out the stunning visual of the dish

When we face our customers in the land of Kyoto, it is a delicate matter of how far we insist our feelings and points of view. I arrived at the idea of "suppressing as much as possible and making one stand out". I am looking for simple, harmonious vessels that comfortably bring out the beauty of the cuisine. My first request was a vessel that is simple, versatile and stable. Siro perfected such difficult nuances in the delivered products.

I think it is important for both chefs and potters to never become satisfied with their skills and senses. Evaluation of our skills and senses are to be determined by others and not ourselves. Once the professionals begin to evaluate themselves and become satisfied, there is no room to rise and grow. I believe that people who are crafters and creators need a humble attitude and a spirit of relentlessly producing something better.

Enjoy the utmost hospitality in a refined atmosphere between the guest and the host in a renovated machiya-style housing

The modern French cuisine served in a renovated historic Kyo-Machiya housing has become a hot topic in Kyoto since its opening in 2012. Within less than a year of the grand opening, the restaurant received one Michelin star. The chef is committed to not becoming satisfied with the current situation and continues to innovatively create new dishes. Since the chef has experience in Chinese cuisine during the early years of his culinary career, customers enjoy creative, edgy dishes of chef’s creation.

Restaurant MOTOI

186 Tawaraya-cho, Nijo Kudaru, Tomikoji, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto City, Kyoto